Bots/ Blog #2

I think it is because that I have not read enough E-lit till now, E-lit always surprise me when I read a new one. To illustrate, the Bots collection. At first, when I clicked the buttons and open the websites, I did not realized that those twitter accounts were the contents of the Bots collection as a E-lit. Therefore, I clicked and opened all of the twelve bots that were included, then I found out that this E-lit is made up with those twitter accounts. That is interesting!

Station 51000 exists as a unmoored buoy drifting in Pacific Ocean. The author of this E-lit gives life to this adrift buoy, endows it with personality and emotions, and tries to tell a story from the perspective of a buoy. The stories being told and the existence of the account itself combines realistic with ridiculous. Although some of the accounts is difficult to figure out how and where to start reading for me, I was able to kind of get the meaning and the idea the author were trying to convey. Similarly, there are some accounts exist as “objects” in Weibo, which is a social media common used in China. Many people leave their comments on those objects’ account, telling their stories and expressing their feelings.

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