Cruising & My Elit Project Update/ Blog #9

Cruising is an example of a Flash poem, which is made by Ingrid Anderson and Sapnar. It takes advantages of ”interactivity in a limited way that complements the subject of the poem, the coming-of-age ritual cruising, with hormones raging, in small town America.” It is the first time for me to read a flash poem. The reading of “Cruising” requires the readers to learn how to drive the text, which means controlling the speed, the direction, and the scale of the text, “in order to in order to follow the textual path of the narrative.” Therefore, I tried hard to find the balance between the text and the sound, which allows me to read and engage with the sound in the same time. It is the only interaction I found that I could made with the work, which is much less than the other Elit pieces.

The theme of the piece I think is the balance between desire and need, for the character, she seemed to be struggling with love and freedom. I feel it is almost a human nature to always pursuing our dreams and wants while compromising to the reality and need. Thus, the piece is highly relatable for the readers.

My Elit Project Update

As for my own Elit project process, I have explored some of the digital tools but still not sure which one to use yet. However, I really appreciate the group talks that we had in the last class. The discussion of my group members really helped me with my Elit piece. I have a clear idea of what story is my piece going to talk about. Therefore, I start to storyboarding in this week. 

I decide that my piece is going to combine the concept of “travel journal” and “dream”, which is inspired by the piece we explored together last week “Icaurs Needs”. I am going to make my Elit piece in the way of travel journal, in which the narrator also records the dreams she had during her trip. The dreams can reflect her memories and reveals her important life experiences. In this way, the narrator reexamines herself and her failed marriage. More importantly, she finds herself again and explores the meaning of marriage with the help of her friend. 

I have outlined the overall development of the story and start to work on the contents of travel journal. In the following week, I will try to explore the digital tools more.

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