Separation & My Elit Project Update/ Blog #10


“Separation” is an interactive piece by Annie Abrahams originally written during her stay in the hospital under the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The visitor is constrained to follow the implemented exercises. The exercises are based on the exercises in workpace, a breaks and exercise software tool proven to assist the recovery and prevention of RSI. As the development and popularization of technology, instead of pen and papers, an increasing number of people take advantages of computers, kindles, iPads, and smart phones in the work places and daily life. The most of computer users might have experienced the situation when they found that their shoulders, necks, and eyes hurt so much after they use the technologies without noticing the time. 

The readers of “Separation” are required to click slowly to read the text, which appear only one word at a time. If you click too often, the following words will appear on screen, which force you to start the whole text again.

屏幕快照 2018-11-27 下午12.22.29

The exercises are included in the text. As the readers click through, the exercises will appears on screen to interrupt the readers, which kind of protect the readers from RSI.

The exercises remind me of the eye exercises and radio calisthenics we had in our primary school, middle school, and high school. Students are required to do these exercises during breaks to protect our eyes and strength our bodies in China.

My Elit Project Update

Now, I have a more clear picture of my own Elit piece. I decided the tool that I am going to utilize is Wix. I will try to construct a Wix site for the main character. The site is made by the character herself to record her travel and the dreams she have during the trip. It is going to be like her own space, which includes her thoughts and experiences. I’m exploring while working on the story contents.


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